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Welcome to EternityMUD!

A fantasy role-playing game in a haunted universe where players must travel through the planes of existence in self-discovery to unlock the secret of eternity. A game of immersive depth, containing a vast collection of deadly adversaries to defeat and powerful magic artifacts to obtain. A role-playing game of the highest caliber with a huge, seamless world map to explore, detailed towns to visit and dark tombs & dungeons to raid for fortune and glory, single-handedly or in a party with friends. In the heart of all this action is a well-written storyline for the player to experience. It is one of the corner stones of the game's design that EternityMUD maintains a grand scheme and all content ties to it. Most importantly, that every player should feel special and get to be the hero even in the transient multiplayer context.

In addition to the in-game content, what lies underneath is the most sophisticated text-based game engine if there ever was one. Clocking over seven years of active production time and still counting, the game engine is a sterling and stable library of services capable of such streamlined and coherent output never seen before in the decades old genre of mud systems. As evident by the numerous aspects available within the system, from complex combat mechanics to map view to utilities; custom commands, aliases, triggers, lites, channels, message boards, scientific calculator and more, the game engine performs it all with a graceful detail.

The core game engine and user interface systems were conceived and programmed by just one game designer and as such, they carry a uniform look and feel all around. Not only is this useful to future content developers, but also essential in helping the modern day player to adapt to the command line interface with such an overwhelming amount of options available. This attention to detail and the devotion put into its production makes the game engine unique in the field of mud systems in the 21st century. EternityMUD virtually stands above every other mud system there is and the only way to prove this to you is to invite you into the game and experience it for yourself!

All this mandatory sales speech nonsense put aside, creating a computer game has been a dream of mine ever since I got my first touch of computer games systems in the late eighties. I've spent a considerable amount of time making this game into reality, without pay and simply out of love of gaming and as a homage to the old systems I'm fond of, such as C64, Usenet and the precursor muds. From a personal perspective, EternityMUD evolved into something more than just a game - to me it is a piece of art, constantly evolving, and it is a very dear leisure to improve and expand it. Simply put, my soul is in this software and it is yours to experience for free. I hope you enjoy it!

Your friend in time,

Zan the Archon

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